Boarding & Daycare for your dog 


  Our Opening-Hours

  Monday - Friday                     07:00-09:00 and 17:00-18:00  

  Saturday and holidays           CLOSED

  Sunday                                   18:00-19:00

Appointments at different times can be made, but a fee of 20€ might be charged! Please be on time!


"Come as a stranger - leave as a friend!" 

Our experience and the location

Our Dogs PARADISE is a private, family-owned kennel, which takes care of all kinds of different breeds. Due to the 30 years of experience in the former breeding of German Shepherd, and the certificate of the department of the Vet, we have the necessary know-how for loving dog treatments, food and care. Our small kennel is not a traditional pension with inner boxes / outer boxes and 1 walk a day, but your favorite will be fully integrated into the family / pack and given special attention. We never had a problem to intruduce our guests to our own dogs (1 Golde Retriever, 1 Great Dane, 1 Chihuahua ), because the dog is a pack animal and is very happy to be together with other dogs. Our experience has shown us that a dog acclimates much quicker in a foreign environment and feels comfortable when he has other dogs to play with. That is our goal - to make your pet feel happy, loved and comfortable while staying with us.

In the garden (4000 square meters) or in the house each holiday dog can move freely. To be locked in like a prisoner is not tolerated here at any time. Minimum 2 walks a day, play times, cuddle times are essential parts of the day-to-day shedule of all our guest. During the night, each pet gets a cozy dog bed in our house or in our dogs house, which is fully acclimatized. You are welcome to bring your pets own bed basket, the favorite blanket or a favorite toy.

Good to know

We feed the our guest with their own food, if allowed mixed with rice, potatos, other vegertable and other goodies. If your pet needs special dog food or medications, please bring it along.

In order to maintain our high standards and hygiene regulations we beg you to check that your dog is fully vaccinated and dewormed before booking.

Special Arrangements can always be made. Your pet can also be picked up, and returned home by us for a small fee.

Gain more information and impressions on our website or call us without obligation on Tel: 0151-55965297 and arrange a viewing. If you can not reach us on the phone please text us or message us per WhatsApp please.


Inhouse Dog Spa 

We also arrange for your sweetheart an appointment with our groomer in our house to very special, cheap but with high quality rates!!!

Check it out on our other homepage 

Check-In list
Please bring the following items with you: Please label everything with your dog's name!

      - your dog 

      - Collar and leash (basket, toy div)

      - Food (if you do not want to use our food)

      - Medication (if necessary)

      - Vaccination Information

All Items left with us, have to be labeled with the dogs name please! Beds and toys might be destroyed, so please do not bring the most expensive items, since es will not be liable for destroyed items!