Dog Mediation

First of all, thank you very much for considering to adopt a dog. We here, at our dog’s paradise always have dogs that desperately need a new family. Some are from animal shelters abroad, and some have just been handed over to us from their former owner. These owners most of the time have to give up their dog out of financial, time-wise or medical reasons. We do always try to help out, and the dogs, as long as they are staying with us, are part of our family. Due to that, we really care about them, and are trying really hard to find good, forever homes for them. Unluckily it sometimes happens though that a dog gets adopted and after awhile the family returns him back to us, since it just didn’t work out. Out of experience the reasons for returning the dogs are always the same. The either have underestimated the time and money they need for the dog, or sometimes they have the feeling the dog just doesn’t fit into the family. Or sometimes family member has an allergic reaction. If a dog is being given back, its most of the time a disaster for everybody. The new family ist devastated, we are sad, and the dog is confused and stressed out totally. A dog needs love, food, exercise, and security. If all of these points are given, trust can develop. If a dog is being handed back and forth trust can’t develop.

Now we will introduce to you all the dogs that need families. If you are interested in one, please contact us at any time per phone call, sms, Whats App, or Email. After that we would like to invite you to our dogs paradies. Here we can get to know each other. If your after your visit still interested in the dog, please take the time to visit uns another 3 times, to go for a walk with the dog your interested in. If you want we will walk with you and already help you, if there are problems. If you are after that still interested it be great if your new 4-legged friend could stay over at your house for a weekend or so. And if that worked out, and everybody is happy, you could welcome your new family member into your life.

Estimated costs for dog owners

Dog Rescues do always cost money, so we would charge between € 250 and € 300 for each dog. Please don’t think its about the money, but dogs are expensive.

Dog Food   Veterinarien   Dog Fees   Dog Insurance

€30-€90 per month

It always depends on what kind of dog you have


€70-€120 per year 

Vaccinations are a must! Also medications agains worms and flees are very important and must be given regularly

  It depends on where you live, please get informed in advance   It also depends, please get informed in advance


And than of course you will need at least 2 bowls, for food and water, a blanket or pillow or some kind of bedding, a collar and a leash. Toys and a car cage of some sort would be good, so your dog can travel safely in your car. With all that we can of course help you!

 Military Members

If you are part of the military, its not a problem, but please get informed about the flight costs for your dog if you have to travel on. They can be very expensive!